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It Happens in the Dark by Carol O'Connel

Elli McEldowney's review 
Oct 04, 13  ·  edit

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It Happens in the Dark (Kathleen Mallory #11) by Carol O'Connell. Mallory, the detective from the police force was quite something! As a person she is shown actually as larger than life as a former feral kid that was adopted by a police family. She was brilliant, beautiful, and had very few feelings or emotional ties...and she commanded respect. The book gets into the plot right away, but for me understanding it was slower as characters and situations and some past history were presented. It is suspenseful and challenging, and it is more a dark and deep read rather than a happy or cozy one. Quite a bit of sociopath activities going on and sociopathic pasts are brought out, and done very well.